Aim on logo Signs of infestation - mole holes

Signs of indoor infestations

  • Pest droppings

  • Dead bugs indoors

  • Evidence of nesting

  • Holes and gnawing marks

  • Grease marks and tracks

  • Odd smells and sounds

Would you know the signs of infestation?

If you have a domestic or commercial property it is important that you recognise the signs of infestation, especially before they have chance to get out of hand. If you are unsure some more common signs are listed below, if you need more information don't hesitate to call Aim On.

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Signs of outdoor infestations

  • Ant hills

  • Mole holes

  • Damaged plants in the garden

  • Damaged patches on the lawns

  • Nearby breeding grounds such as garbage piles or stagnant water

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